Of Greek origins, the name Alexandre was born out of the combination of two terms which mean to repel the enemy.

Repulse, repulse, repulse.
Going beyond his own limits, taking on new challenges, always wanting to do better, to amaze, to surprise, to impress. Alexandre is someone who’s really motivated and who never stops working until he reaches his goals. Passionate about his work, every moment he spends working is nothing more but a fun party.

A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.     
Water is to a fish what aerial straps are to Alex. To incarn, to present, to perform. Circus is his profession; it’s not only to be on the stage and to deliver a message to the audience. For Alexandre, it goes beyond that. Circus is about having fun.
Circus is about enjoying the time that you have now, and being fully aware of your presence on stage, with the audience; it’s talking to them without having to say a single word. In addition, circus is all about teamwork, with other artists working on the show as much as with the public, so that there IS a show. It’s being transparent about everything while being able to show your greatest talent, his greatest talent: his simple way of doing things right and well.
The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.     
Never forgetting his origins. Never forgetting where he comes from. Never forgetting why he loves so much his work. Never forgetting the roots, the foundation of his passion. But, more than anything, never forgetting who he is. Always staying true to himself. Transmitting his passion and his sincerity by a single eye-contact with the public. Being on stage, interacting with the public, being able to communicate with them with a single prestation, making the most out of every second by having fun, that’s what allows Alexandre to remember, show after show, why he loves circus so much. That’s why his simplicity brings us a warmth so comforting.
Enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.      
By his contagious laugh and his smile, Alexandre knows how to communicate his happiness with us. Being always positive and optimistic, his whole body radiates a continuous and contagious cheerfulness which demonstrates the passion living within him as much as the cheerful person that he is, while reflecting into his work and the discipline that he puts into it.
The quality of being extremely thorough and careful.      
Every hour, every minute and every second of training is executed in order to improve his aptitudes and to enhance his performances so that he can refine his demonstration and master every technical elements that he understands. In his prestations, every single movement has a profound signification. Everything is constructed in a way that allows everyone watching to understand the story behind it; so that every spectator can let himself be taken by the intensity of the moment, letting go of everything else, as if circus was the only thing that ever existed and ever would exist.
The quality of being intense. Which results from an intense effort or a sustained long term effort.     
Alexandre is a devoted athlete who keeps on aiming higher and getting better. He’s hard-working and puts his efforts in the right places. He does everything possible to reach his goals and obtain the desired results. Giving a quality show to the public is his priority. As intense as he’s passionate, there’s really nothing to stop him. His intensity and precision is not only shown technically, but can also be seen in his acting. The public’s attention is always all on him. He becomes their confident, their friend. Delivering a message and emotions to the public to present them his deep sensibility.
The quality of being able to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences; sensitivity.      
Never fake. Laugh. Cry. Live. Demonstrate and reveal those real emotions. Sharing the moment, sharing these emotions with the audience, going through them with the audience. Transporting the public in his world, his mind, while staying completely honest.


Pleasure. A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

Pleasure, clown, Acro, Flyboard…

A set of skills and performance at your service.